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What We Do

Students sit on floor and play with colorful wooden blocks as a group

A Museum Approach

At TFS, where each child is a masterpiece. Together, we will...

PreK student plays with farm animal toys and puzzle

Notice Deeply

Students observe around a specific topic and share their noticing with peers and adults.


Students playing in individual sand trays

Exploring Boldly

Based on these observations, students explore the topic through a variety of interactive experiences.

Students paint paper bags with smocks on

Create Joyfully

With these new experiences, students create artifacts that share and demonstrate their learning.

Throughout the year we will partner with museums for site-based learning and expectations.

Student pretends to drive a play firetruck at a museum while dressed as a firefighter


In the fall of 2021, my son was due to start preschool. He really needed a strong early childhood program. I'm so glad we chose TFS. Not only did he learn academics, he learned how to be part of a community, how to be a good friend, and there's a strong focus on social-emotional learning. We couldn't have been more happy to choose TFS for him. We loved it so much, that our 3-year-old daughter now attends TFS. The most heartwarming part is all my first son's teachers still to this day ask about him and how he's doing. At The Friendship School, you are not just part of the community but part of the family. Jessica Boggan