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Arrival and Dismissal

Car Lane Drop-Off and Pick-up

Care Lane Pick-Up and Drop-Off is one of the most important times of day at The Friendship School. To safely and efficiently move 460 students in and out of the building each day requires patience, cooperation, and understanding. Please share this information with anyone who will be picking up or dropping off your child so they understand the process.

For the beginning of the school year we will be using photo IDs as well as School Dismissal Manager (SDM) to identify approved pick-up people. You should receive an email from SDM asking you to register your child and set their dismissal plan. Once this system is fully operational, we will be using the SDM numbers to dismiss students. Please register anyone who will pick up your child in SDM so that they will have a dismissal code.

Car Lane Assignments

Senior Center: Team Imagine and Team Innovate

Miner Lane: Team Care, Team Explore, Team Wonder

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Waves

Last Names A-L: Drop-off from 9:15-9:25 am and Pick-Up from 3:30-3:40 pm

Last Name M-Z: Drop-Off from 9:25-9:35 am and Pick-Up from 3:40-3:50 pm

Bus Riders

Students in Waterford and New London are eligible to take the bus to and from TFS each day. In order to register for the bus, you must fill out a transportation form and return it to the main office. It takes at least 48 hours to add a student to a bus run. Please make any transportation requests as soon as possible to allow time to process these changes.

In addition to the buses for Waterford and New London Residents, we offer two shuttle bus operations for dismissal, one to Waterford Police Station and one to Cohanzie Fire Department. Families may register their child for the shuttle, regardless of where they live. Students will arrive at these locations on a bus at approximately 4:00 pm on a regular school day. Whoever is picking up the student must be on the approved list and be ready to show ID.

Student should be waiting for their bus at least 10 minutes before their scheduled arrival time to provide a cushion for traffic, etc. No food is allowed to be eaten on the bus as this is a choking hazard. Whoever is picking up the student at the stop must be on the approved list and have an ID. If you need to make changes to the approved pick-up list, please do so as soon as possible by contacting our main office. 

If you are not at the bus stop when it arrives we will attempt to contact you and make an additional attempt to meet you at the bus stop. If no one is at the stop, the bus will return the student and you will need to pick them up from the school.

Teacher kneels down to talk to students as they get off the bus with their backpacks

Morning Drop-Off

At your assigned pick up wave time, follow the planned route to the loading zone. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please see the maps for information on the routes to enter the drop-off line.

Pull your car up close to the vehicle in front of you and put the car in park. Follow the directions of staff members.

When a staff member greets you, unload your child from the car with all belongings ready to go. Students should be ready to enter school with their hands free.

Give your child a hug and a kiss, tell them you love them and wish them well. They will take the hand of a staff member or another student and be escorted into the building.

Return to your car and follow the traffic pattern to exit TFS

Afternoon Pick-Up

At your assigned pick-up wave time, follow the planned route to the loading zone. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your schedule time. Wait for a staff member to approach your car.

The staff member will ask for your ID and/or your School Dismissal Manager number. After the staff member confirms you are approved to pick up the student you will be given a pick-up number.

Pull your car as far forward as possible into the loading area. Put your car in park and wait patiently until your child is brought to your car.

Your child will have a dismissal number that matches the number given to you earlier. Once the staff member matches the numbers, they will collect both numbers and hand your child to you.

Please quickly load your child into their seat and follow the traffic pattern to exit TFS. All students must have a car or booster seat in order to be dismissed to a vehicle.