TFS Team Building
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Thursday, September 15, 2016
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The Friendship School faculty and staff participated in professional development on the afternoon of September 14. The topic was team building and the session was led by LEARN Young Children and Families coordinator Carole Glenn. This challenge was to build the tallest tower with the provided materials (straws and tape) that could stand for 30 seconds. The winners were the group pictured: (L to R) Dennis Reid, PE teacher; Simone Ramsay-Smith, preK teacher; Stacey Rivard, preK instructional assistant; Annie Curtin, early childhood instructor; Jessie Lovaton, preK instructional assistant; Denise Moore, preK teacher; Sonia Rivera, preK instructional assistant; Amanda Siebert, special education teacher; Brenda Cornell, preK teacher. 

Congratulations to the team and great collaboration by all TFS staff! 

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