Butterflies Spread Their Wings at The Friendship School
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Thursday, May 21, 2015
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The entire The Friendship School family came together to celebrate the life cycle of butterflies on Wednesday, May 21, 2015.  Classes watched intently and participated in many butterfly and growing songs directed by music teacher Mrs. Olynciw.  The assembly started with everyone singing “Roly Poly Caterpillar” and ended with everyone (including staff and parents!) singing and dancing to C.J. Hardy’s “Popcorn”.  Mrs. Ramsay-Smith’s prekindergarten class sang a traditional Jamaican song called “Pretty Painted Butterfly” while the Kindergarten classes stood together and sang a traditional Native American song called “The Earth is Our Mother”. 

Each classroom received two chrysalises in April and over the last month watched them go through the process of metamorphosis – from an egg, to caterpillar, then chrysalis, and finally to butterfly.  At the end of the assembly, the butterflies were ready to spread their wings and fly into the air.  Each class paraded outside to release their classroom butterflies, and parents were welcome to bring their butterflies from home to release as well.  Everyone was excited to watch their butterflies fly away to start the butterfly life cycle all over again!

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